Who we are

The project is funded and developed by various associations in the Marche region who work together to create a museum that is as heterogeneous and synergic as possible. The collaborating associations are:

Anime di Strada

The Anime di Strada Association was founded in Civitanova Marche (MC) in 2015 and has many collaborators, from different artistic and intellectual backgrounds, but linked by a single objective: to redevelop the suburban space and return it to the city, with a view to attention, culture and solidarity between the various social groups involved. For Anime di Strada, the work represents a new hope for all those living in the neighbourhoods affected by their brushstrokes. The association follows the philosophy of participatory urban art as a means of advocacy, the revolution of culture leading to the rediscovery of a sense of community. For the MAdAM project, it is responsible for mapping the works of Street Art in the province of Macerata, as well as managing and coordinating all the regional works.

Arte Pubblica

Arte Pubblica is a reality that takes care of urban art interventions, mainly on the Piceno territory. This association, based in Folignano (AP), promotes the regeneration, development, restyling and revitalisation of communities, enhancing public and private buildings and walls. The aim is to create alternative tourist routes and new centres of aggregation. For the MAdAM project, he is responsible for mapping the works of street art in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

Associazione Culturale Centofiorini

The Centofiorini Cultural Association, based in the gallery of the same name in Civitanova Marche Alta (MC), composed of a renewed group with many and varied professional experiences, aims to propose openings and paths aimed at developing a growing intellectual sensitivity through the synergy of several creative languages. Alongside the usual exhibitions of figurative and photographic art, which have made the Gallery's history and determined its qualitative character, cinema, theatre, music and literature activities are consolidated, providing parameters for reading and in-depth analysis in projects designed for a wide and differentiated public. For the MAdAM project, together with Anime di Strada, it is responsible for the management and coordination of all the regional works, and the coordination of the creative content.

Pop Up Studio

PopUp Studio is a creative company that designs urban contemporary art interventions, using art as a powerful tool for transformation and communication. Its staff makes its skills available to public bodies and companies, to create tailor-made projects with a strong aesthetic, cultural and social impact. Since 2008 it has been a pioneer in Italy with the Festival PopUp! Arte Contemporanea nello Spazio Urbano, with which it has created over fifty works in the Marche region, redefining the identity of unconventional places and involving important artists of international renown and social realities of the territory. PopUp Studio's aim is to consolidate a new use of urban space through art, generating a real redevelopment of existing places and architecture.

Reperti Urbani

Reperti Urbani is an association that aims to enrich the fabric of the city through artistic interventions. For the MAdAM project, it deals with the mapping of Street Art works in the province of Pesaro-Urbino.

Urban Play

Urban Play, based in Monte Urano (FM), is a cultural association born from the ideas of a group of young people who want to restore dynamism and participation to our territory. Their activities are heterogeneous and range from art, music, sport, dance and theatre, creating a multi-purpose concept that is an engaging attraction. For the MAdAM project, it is responsible for mapping the works of street art in the province of Fermo.