The Project

The MAdAM (Museo Aperto d'Arte Marche) project was born from the idea of setting up an open museum network that would include the most contemporary forms of art, such as Street Art, and would bring together public and private entities operating in the cultural sphere, to offer a vast panorama of the different artistic sensibilities that cross our territory.

At the base of this project is a strong desire for collaboration among the many local entities aimed at achieving a real capitalisation of regional resources, placing all the main players at the centre of the project: the Region, the Provinces with the individual municipalities and finally the individual public and private entities operating in the field of cultural promotion and educational paths.

The first purpose of the project is to map existing works on a regional scale, with the intention of transforming these resources into elements of recognition of the various territorial entities, opening up new scenarios of growth and cultural and promotional development of the territory.

In the long term, the ability to adapt to the new potentialities of the cultural realities and to the new artistic languages, combined with the ability to trigger collaborative processes on a broad scale, should put the Marche Region in the vanguard in terms of planning and cultural offerings, with ambitious growth horizons, with the ability to transform the entire regional territory into a container of contemporary art with a flexible and participatory structure, capable of placing culture at the centre of the new issues of social development.